Calix T073G, T076G, and T077G GPON HGUs

The Calix T073G, T076G, and T077G GPON Home Gateway Units (HGUs) are a line of single-family service delivery devices that combines ONT functionality with Home Gateway capabilities; this combination delivers the high-speed services and exceptional networking performance subscribers expect from a fiber-based system. These Home Gateway Units integrate a 2.5 GPON WAN interface with Layer 3 switching and routing to efficiently manage premises network traffic.

The three HGU models: T073G – 4 GE, 2 POTS, USB, Wi-Fi; T076G – 4 GE, 2 POTS, RF; T077G – 4 GE, 2 POTS, RF, USB, Wi-Fi, offer an array of service interfaces to match a variety of indoor single-family deployment scenarios.